OK, so this is a phrase I’m pretty certain I’ve never ever used until 2 months ago. These 5 syllables seem to define the universe at the moment. So for those of you who are missing the “good ol’ days,” I took this picture of the vehicle in front of me a few days ago. All the vehicles look like this (except mine). As I like to describe it, in PNG we believe in going the distance socially! And as I said before, this is a gregarious culture.

Most of you who know me know I tend to be an introvert. Not at all shy, but I enjoy being alone. So when the “covid team” here on the center where I live decided that because I work in town, I should “self-isolate,” I was just a little amused, because I’ve been practicing that for years, so it’s pretty easy. Actually, I find it odd that I — the one who would really enjoy quarantine– am one of the very few on center whose life hasn’t really changed. I leave for work at about 7:30 in the morning and return about 1 pm. On Wednesdays I leave at 9:30 and return about 3. There have only been 8 cases in the country in the whole of the last month, and no ensuing outbreak (in spite of extensive community contact prior to being tested). It makes me wonder about the “flu” that we saw sweep through in December and January. Maybe we’ve all been exposed already. No way of knowing, I’m just curious about it. In any event, I still work on mostly complicated cases every day. I keep meaning to get some more pictures at the clinic, and I don’t remember to do that. I’m definitely too old to be classified with the “selfie” generation! But here is a picture that I took of the general ward at the hospital just 2 days ago. We have 4 wards at the hospital: General, pediatrics, gynecology, and labor/delivery. I will let you draw your own conclusions.

G Ward

My ministries away from the hospital, thankfully, have continued after a 2-week pause. There was no restriction on groups meeting, but there was a restriction on “unnecessary travel.” But that was lifted after 14 days, so things are going on as usual. I also continue to hold a Bible study with my Nepalese friends. In the ladies’ Bible studies we continue to study through the sermon on the Mount. I added a little lesson last time on “the virus,” which made it so that I was not able to finish the Bible. That’s just fine.

On a final note, I did finish my online course for the nurse practitioner review. I’m happy that’s done. I can now apply to take the exam, only now there is no way to be certain about travel to– and more importantly– FROM the US. I am still hoping to make it in time for my Dad’s 80th birthday in August. We’ll see. There’s another common phrase for all of us: “We’ll see.” Yes we will, and we do…. because our eyes are fixed on Jesus.