Well, it’s been a little while. I hope things have settled a bit where you are. Here they were a little unsettled for about 2 weeks, but have been mostly back to life-as-usual since then. I have continued to work (and study) without much change in anything. So I’m just going to put up little odds and ends here.

Work continues to be quite a challenge. It has been hard on my spirit to see how little compassion is shown to hurting and dying people. This is the nurse who works with me (Ario) giving some medicine to a dying young person. Her oxygen levels (which should be over 95%) were only 58% until we gave her oxygen. We tried several things to make her more comfortable, and were fairly successful. When I talked to the folks in charge of the ward to try to admit her for a few days until her acute illness settled, they just shrugged their shoulders and would not treat her because she has AIDS. She and her “husband”- both of them teens- finally just went home. It was sad.

I find myself doing more and more ultrasounds, and have tried in several ways to learn more about it (I had a 1 week class in 2015). The Lord has miraculously opened the door for me to be trained by a highly-skilled physician and sonographer right here in PNG. In a few weeks I will go and work with him for a week. My machine is about 40 years old, and barely works anymore. The Lord has led me to a place (in the US) that is selling a good product, only 1 year old, and the exact same machine that I will be trained on later this month. It will be exciting to see how the Lord provides for this. I will be sure to tell you all about it. << the new machine.

As soon as class is over, I will board a plane and begin my trek to the US (Aug 1st). I will fly from PNG to Brisbane, Australia (transit for 3 hours), then on to Aukland, NZ (transit for 4 hours) then on to Los Angeles. I will spend the night there before heading to SC. I am actually really looking forward to the 14-day “quarantine.” I will take my certification exam on the 18th. I’d really appreciate your prayers that I would pass that exam. Then my family hopes to take a short trip to Wisconsin to see relatives. I have several other little things to take care of while I am in the US. In mid-September I hope to find my way back to PNG, and another 14-day quarantine. I am praying that I will be allowed to come back to my house here to quarantine, rather than having to spend 14 days in a hotel in Port Moresby, which is the current (expensive) restriction. Would you please pray that the Lord would open that door? I most certainly agree with the need to do it, but it sure would be nice to be at home for that.

I continue to meet with my Nepalese friends for Bible study. Their interest is growing. This is the 3 of us on July 3rd. The week before they rode along while I drove a load of medical supplies over to Goroka for my co-worker who took my place in the clinic in Aibai. Goroka is about a 2-hour drive nearly due west of here. There have been numerous recent armed robberies along that road, but the Lord kept us safe from wicked and unreasonable men. Amen!

After a short dry spell, we had several days of rain. So I got to use my 4-wheel-drive on my way back from church the other Sunday. People always look at me like they’re thinking “crazy white woman!” Not far off, actually. (grin)

OK. Well I will close this out. Thank you all for your prayers. I have been joining with you in prayers for the USA. I hope you have a good week.