This is my foray into blogging. At my age, “blog” was just a little uncomfortable in my mouth, but I’ve been practicing.

I have thought about it for some time, and hope to tell stories here that would just not fit in a prayer letter. There are so many stories I could tell, but I will try to keep it short. I am also going to try to not be too opinionated, although I am so by nature. I am hoping that the instructions on how to access this site are easy to understand. And yes, I am utilizing an expert in this project.

I have been in missions now a total of 23 years. My first mission trip was actually to Hawaii in 1986, just after my freshman year at BJU. But I was accepted by GFA as a full-time missionary in 1996, so I’m counting that as the official beginning to my missions career. I have recently been scanning old photographs into my computer. I have not seen these pictures for decades, so there have been many reminders of so many wonderful things that the Lord has done. And He just keeps doing wonders. Just last week our GFA/PNG gang got together for our yearly Thanksgiving feast, and to renew our fellowship together in the Lord and His work here in PNG. It was wonderful! And the Lord gave really good weather…. particularly for those flying in…. well, OK, so that is everyone except me. And when I headed over to Goroka last Monday morning I discovered that road crews have been filling in potholes between here and Goroka. The trip that took over 2.5 hours in October only took 2 hours last week: and that was with a refrigerator towering over the cab of my truck. It was shipped here, and is heading for the bush with the Aibai folks. And the Lord send an “expert” transport person last Monday to help load all the cargo heading over to Goroka, and (more importantly) secure it all in the back of the truck. I’m terrible at taking pictures. So if I’m going to do this blog thing, I will either have to hire a photographer, or get better at pulling out the camera (my phone, in this case). The Lord really was overwhelmingly gracious to all of us in our travel. It is still dry here, which is a bit unusual for December. We kind of live between two needs here: dry is much more practical for flying weather (wet is pretty much impossible); and rain is what fills our outside tanks with water for the house. But having lived here for 17 years I can attest to the fact that the Lord always provides!