I have been meaning to post for quite some time. There are lots of reasons why I haven’t, but only a few of them are good reasons. Anyway, for those of you who keep up with this: yes, PNG had its largest recorded earthquake just a bit before 10am this morning. Yes, many reports are saying it was in Kainantu; the town where I work and near where I live. To be more accurate, it was about 70km east of here. It just happens that Kainantu is the nearest recognizable town on the map. Other than some broken dishes (me and all my neighbors here), everything is fine. I will go to work tomorrow, and I hope to get more information on how the town fared. At this point I know of no significant damage or deaths, but I’ll know more tomorrow. Some of the reports online are confusing today with an earthquake about 3 yr ago where people were killed in landslides. We are still unusually dry here, so that threat is somewhat lessened. So tomorrow evening it is my hope that I can write a full post and include pictures. But I just wanted everyone to know in the mean time that I’m fine.