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Playing Ketchup

Well, so much for wanting to write something every month. The transition from PNG to the US was not difficult, but it was distracting. In late October I closed up the clinic and took the sensitive equipment to hibernate in my...

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Well, it’s obvious that I didn’t keep up with things. As I suggested in the last post, I wanted to get some follow up information on a patient. So here’s that follow up, plus a few notes on another fellow. In...

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“Papa God” is the Pidgin term used for God the Father. I have adopted it in my prayers. I even have one or two words leftover from my time in the Marshall Islands that I also use in prayer. It’s funny how...

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I’m afraid this will be a series of vignettes, rather than a nice story.  I hope you don’t mind.  After a nice week-long break, staying at home and doing all the odd projects that seem to accumulate, I started work...

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the great pandemic

It seems it must be long enough now since my last post. I was able to take 4 days off last week, which was very refreshing. I was able to do a few projects (including painting some furniture for the living room) and get some...

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a few road hazards

I have been planning to post this for quite some time, but somehow it hasn’t gotten done. So here it is. A number of people pray for my travel on the road, so I’d like to fill out the picture of what that means. I...

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